Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology provides a unique ancient technology that utilizes your thumb’s impression to pinpoint your Nadi leaf, which holds the key to your future. AstroVed offers you the chance to alter your destiny by utilizing three Nadi Astrology collections: Shiva Sukshama, Thuliya Nadi and Agastya Nadi. Learn the Divine connection between your previous Karma and your present life by using this amazing science that can alter your destiny and offer an answer to the problems of life.

What is a Nadi Leaf ?

In the past, knowledge was handed down generations via oral communication, and the notion recording or writing emerged 3000 years after. Granite slabs, copper plates, and even tree bark were among the mediums utilized to document details, however palm leaves are the primary most popular choice for the Nadi Scriptures.

The Rishis had scribes who were notable. meticulously etching each word of your story onto the dried leaf using the use of a stylus or a special tool. All done by hand to ensure that the leaf was not split and the writing was always uninterrupted, with no gaps between words. This is the reason Nadi Leaf reading requires training in addition to knowing the ancient languages like Tamil and Sanskrit. To keep these leaves intact using turmeric or lamp black over the writing was done to boost the contrast and make it more readable. A collection of leaves from the same category of thumbprints or soul grouping was then bind by a cord and placed between two covers made of wood.

Classification of Thumbprints

Nadi Astrology makes use of your thumb to determine the position of your Nadi Leaf and predict your future destiny based on the information composed as a sacred hymn. The difference in Nadi Astrology distinguishes it from the traditional astrology which demands the birth information. There are approximately 108 categories of thumbprints for humans and from that, your thumbprint will be detailed to determine your soul’s collection or a bundle that contains up to 20-25 individual leaves. The Nadi Reader utilizes the sounds engraved onto the leaf to narrow on the exact leaf.

Benefits of Nadi Astrology

The greatest benefit of the Nadi lies in how it provides you a better understanding of the connection from your birthplace to your present situation. It also outlines how to eliminate the negative karma of the prior birth. The Rishis didn’t just write the soul’s path in your Nadi leaf, but also provided the list of remedies or “course corrections” that will redirect you to a positive direction.

The most common remedies involve trips to energy vortexes for simple offerings. All of us are energetic. When you resonate to the energies of a particular vortex, you can reduce the negative energies of the karmic realm and return to the right track. Most often, these energy vortices are temples located in India. But, based on the type of past karma the Nadi Astrologer recommends specific Powerspots. The results of the remedies will help to eliminate the effects that remain from your past actions, allowing you to make progress in life.