Nadi Procedure

Nadi Procedure

Nadi Reading procedure begins with taking a thumb impression. left thumb for males and left thumb for female. Nadi Astrology forecasts everything about your family’s future, and the upcoming challenges are solved at remedial actions by looking at the palm leaves of ancient times.

Nadi Astrologer collects the thumb impression of a person who is in search to find his Naadi leaf. Then, he begins by searching for the palm leaf. After discovering the palm leaf the method he employs to predict the next one. The thumbprint has to be in line with other possible palm leaves found in the various manuscripts. In general, Nadi Readers own a library of palm writings that circulate.

He begins the process with every leaf and begins asking the person a series of questions about the person about his life in order to determine the right palm leaf. The process of locating a the palm leaf could take from between a few minutes and several hours, provided that the details are in line with the information contained in the leaf. This is when Naadi reader takes it as their leaf and begins to predict using their leaf to predict their present, past and the future.

In the beginning, we will do general reading, and then depending on the interests of the consultant the consultant may choose more chapters to learn about the subject. Nadi Reader can’t contribute anything of his own however Nadi Reader is able to suggest various counter-active steps that a person can adopt to minimize the effects of previous Karma and increase the benefit of the future actions.