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VR.Sivasakthy Siva  is one of most well known online nadi astrology in Latvia Since 1982. Our well experienced Nadi Astrologer will give accurate Nadi reading to the people of Latvia. Get an appointment with the famous Nadi Astrologer in Latvia. we have provided a great service to predict as well as to bring optimistic and great changes in people’s lives through the skill of Nadi Jyotish in Latvia. It is not just caged till Latvia but it offers a wide variety of online nadi jyotish service to the residents of Latvia as well. We scrutinize palm leaves to the best of our knowledge and send them to various parts of Latvia with great care, including Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava .

We also offer an online service with the same authenticity in online mode, so that the distance barrier can not stop the way and you can get your predictions being in the convenience of your home. Nadi Astrology in Latvia. We offer the best online Nadi astrology in Latvia. Reading process of Nadi Jyotish will be completed within 5 hours from Latvia and provide online consultations where clients can benefit by Zoom, Skype call, phone call, Whatsapp call, etc.

Keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of our clients we offer them a service of online nadi astrology throughout the world.A huge number of our astrology seekers have reportedly spent a huge amount of money on traveling and other accommodations in order to seek Nadi astrology predictions single-handedly from Nadi Kendra in Latvia and Vaitheeswaran Koil. In addition to the above mentioned, it is also noticed that our clients are led to some other inconvenient locations by local brokers due to various reasons.For seeking Nadi reading online an individual if male needs to imprint their right thumb on a white sheet, and if female they need to imprint their left thumb on a clear white sheet.

As we have also turned our services into an online mode with the same authenticity and trust. We will contact you through WhatsApp or mail or by directly calling you on the provided number, and we will schedule a suitable time to find your Nadi leaf. After which you can make payment for your Nadi prediction package or chapter that you have chosen right after getting your Nadi leaf.To seek more information about Nadi packages and predictions, you can click here. We will provide you with your Nadi prediction through voice mail in the language most suitable for you, whether getting Nadi jyotish in Hindi, English, tamil, Malayalam, kannada, telugu or other.




Hindu Nadi astrology has innumerable sages and Nadi leaves scripted by the great maharishis that clearly portrays the past, present as well as future of the human life prophecies

Sri Agastya, recognised as one of the Saptarishis also named as Agathiar, Agastyar, Agasti, and Agastiar is a well reputed vedic sage who is known for helping in propagating the Vedic religion in various parts of India, and especially in South India

Vaitheeswaran Koil

Vaitheeswaran Koil

In Nadi Astrology there is a prime Centre named as Vaitheeswarankoil. it is said that Lord Shiva has wear and reflect the role of a doctor or a Vaidya so that he can remove the worries and miseries of his devotees. In this Temple, the Lord Shiva sculptured as vaidyanathar or Vaitheeswaran means the “God of healing” and it is the believe of the devotees that prayers can cure their disease and miseries. When we say/ pronounce in Tamil ‘vaideeswaran’ that depicts the ‘Navgraha temple’ that means the nine planets and it is associated with the planet Mars (Angraka).

History Of Nadi Astrology In Vaitheeswaran Koil

Centuries ago, it is said that these were and vaitheeswaran koil is the Preacher of Nadi Astrology and the great Rishi and siddhas in India had developed a potential and a power to predict the future of any and evey individual on the earth. They record their observations on the palm leaves as Nadi Josiyam in a typical script and the nadi astrologers to predict the future of the people . By discovering arts and Sciences the ancient Indian sages worked hard to make the world a better place for the future generation . But now talk about today’s time, well developed branches horoscopy based on the planetary positions of an individual and their motion and based on the Zodiac at the time of a individual birth.

History Of Nadi Astrology In Vaitheeswaran Koil

How to talk with online nadi astrologers in vaitheeswaran koil ?

You can join the online consultation with our Nadi astrologers in vaitheeswaran koil through the simple step-by-step process. You need to place your order online and start your online journey. This way, we will search for your Nadi leaf and provide a great translation along with the predictions and remedies. All these are provided in audio format, and remedies are sent in a PDF file. We also ask questions about your birth date, family members, and personal information. Through the bundles of Nadi leaves, we search to provide simple solutions for all your problems to the karmic consequences written by our rishis. You should take your thumbprint photo or thumbprint on white paper. The right thumbprint is for males, and the left is for females. Along with that, you can send your photo copy to our mail

Online Nadi Reading Process

Nadi Astrology Predictions are based on thumb impression of an individual

Will take a thumb impression

The search begins to locate the palm leaf

Once founds the location, the content can be translated in the desired language or any other language

And at last, it will be recorded in audio for future reference.